KevlarŽ Knee Pad Suspenders

Balanced P-Valve
HunterŽ (Gates) Pocket  HalcyonŽ Pocket
Dry Glove Ring SetRubber Gloves
SeaSoft Cold Water Hood w/Zipper

Prices include parts and normal installation.

Item Price Installed
KevlarŽ Knee Pad $184.00 pr.
P-Valve Balanced $199.00
Pocket HalcyonŽ $189.00 ea.
Pocket Gates $163.00 ea.
Suspenders $59.00
Tabs for Suspenders $89.00
Dry Glove Ring Set HunterŽ (Gates) $117.00
Dry Glove for above Ring Set $17.00

All prices are in U.S. Currency.
No parts sold separately.
We repair ALL makes and type of dry suits.

Please call for all neoprene and Whites Dry Suit repairs before sending.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

Important shipping information:
FedEx Shippers:
Sending suits via FedEx is not a guaranteed shipping solution to Dry Suits Plus, FedEx delivers during the evening after closing hours and we are not always open for delivery’s.

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