6.5mm Softstrech®
SSNT 1013V  [6.5mm]

Harvey's Aqua Capsule
® dry suits have provided thousands of divers warm, comfortable diving experiences from the icy waters of Eastern Russia to the New England Coast.  Our oldest and most proven dry suit design this suit is the perfect dry suit for the serious sport diver.  A favorite suit for cold water lobster and crab catching.  This time tested suit is an excellent choice for a high quality, entry-level dry suit.  


- OEB Heavy Duty Zipper
- Low Profile Performance SiTech® Valves
- Made from 6.5mm Softstretch® Nylon II

- Dino-Hide® Kneepads that are four times tougher than standard nylon kneepads

- New "Fin Friendly" Heavy Duty Vulcanized Boots
- Kobalt Pro-Flex® Neoprene Seal System
- Available in Men’s & Women’s Sizes
- Optional Latex Seal System

- Optional FLEX Material


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