2017 Prices include parts and normal installation.
All suits are tested after repairs at no cost, however, if the suit is leaking from another area you will be charged for the pressure test and repairs.
Item Description Our Price Item Description Our Price
Hood & Seal Repair   Zipper Repair  
Latex Neck & Hood $130.00 34 Inch Zipper Replacement $343.00
Hood Latex $100.00 Additional Length Zippers $10.00 per extra inch
Hood Neoprene $152.00 All front entry zippers will be $30.00 extra $30.00
Hood Purge $35.00 12 Inch Relief Zipper $275.00
Neck Latex $90.00 Suit Repair  
Neck Neoprene $135.00 Pressure Test
(Unknown Leak)
Cuff (all styles) $50.00  EA. Per-Patch $20.00
Sock Latex $65.00  EA. Suspender Tabs $50.00
Ankle Latex $60.00  EA. Kevlar® Knee Pad $125.00 pr.
    P-Valve Balanced $180.00
    Pocket (Halcyon®) $125.00 ea.
Change over from
 Neoprene to Latex
  Pocket (Gates) Call for Price
Build up Cuff $20.00    
Build up Neck $30.00    
Build up Hood $30.00    
    Boot Replacement
Specify Size
All Neoprene Suit Repairs Call for Quote Neoprene Dipped Boot Discontinued
Alterations Call for
Rubber Boot $250.00
New Dry Suits Call for Quote Coated Rubber
Neoprene Boot
    Boots Install $160.00
    Dry Gloves & Valve  
Suit Care Products   Dry Glove Ring Set $105.00
Talc Bag 3.5 oz $18.00 Dry Gloves for Ring Set $24.00
Bee's Wax $15.00 Valve Plate, Blank,
(Inlet or Exhaust)
Seal Saver $20.00 Valve Blank Set $77.00
    Exhaust Valve SI-TEC® $90.00
    Inflate Valve SI-TEC® $90.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

Dive Stores and Rescue Teams WELCOME, please call for discounts.
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Hood Latex                       Neoprene

Neck Latex

Neck Neoprene

Sport Bellows       Sport Conical
Heavy Duty Sport Cuff                   Heavy Duty Cuff    
Dry Glove Ring Set                Gloves for Ring Set

Exhaust Valve SI-TEC®  

Inflate Valve SI-TEC®
SeaSoft Cold Water Hood w/Zipper 

All prices are in U.S. Currency.
Prices include parts and normal installation.
No parts sold separately.
We repair ALL makes and type of dry suits.

Please call for all neoprene and Whites Dry Suit repairs before sending.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

Important shipping information:
FedEx Shippers:
Sending suits via FedEx is not a guaranteed shipping solution to Dry Suits Plus, FedEx delivers during the evening after closing hours and we are not always open for delivery’s.

Pricing subject to change without notice.

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